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Hardware For Doors

Q-Smart door handle fitted to door

Hear What People Think About The Q-Smart Door Handle

To find out how our customers are finding the Q-Smart Door Handle, we decided to interview Lisa Mackerness, aged 41 from Benfleet, to see how she feels about her...
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DG Supplyline shop decorated for Christmas 2021

Christmas Opening Times 2021

These are the opening times during the Christmas holiday period 2021. DG Supplyline will be finishing early at 12 o’clock noon Friday 24th December (Christmas Eve) and will be...
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Secure your Home from Seasonal Thieves with these Tips and Solutions

Christmas can sneak up on you, unfortunately so can burglars. Whilst you may be out spreading the seasonal cheer, sharing and giving, there are real life grinches out there...
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Greenfenster - A National Network Dedicated to the Longevity of Doors and Windows

Introducing GreenFenster

The New National Professional Repair and Installation Network That Delivers Jobs to Your Door The GreenFenster Network is a national network of experts dedicated to the longevity of doors...
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Peeling PVC foil on a window frame

Can Peeling PVC Foil on Windows Be Repaired?

PVC foil is a quick way to change the appearance of a window. In a relatively short time, a plain PVC window frame can be wrapped in a foil...
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Q-Smart Origin handle with fingerprint recognition

Introducing The Q-Smart Door Handle

Remember That Nasty Feeling When You Lost Your Door Keys? Everyone has done it. So, you probably know that shock feeling when you realise your front door key has...
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