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Follow our blog for the latest news about DG Supplyline. We have posted a number of articles including buying guides, details on new product launches and advice to help our customers.

Q-Smart Origin handle with fingerprint recognition

Introducing The Q-Smart Door Handle

Remember That Nasty Feeling When You Lost Your Door Keys? Everyone has done it. So, you probably know that shock feeling when you realise your front door key has...
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white tilt and turn windows

Looking After Your Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows are really popular for their versatility and aesthetics. The mechanism is more robust so they often require more space… and that means bigger windows. And...
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FEIN multi-tool double glazing repairs

A Quick Guide to Double Glazing Repairs and Upkeep

Those nagging double glazing repairs… yes, you’ve been meaning to get round to them, but where did the last 6 months go? Double glazing keeps you toasty but over...
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Cat using the Staywell Deluxe Magnetic Cat Flap

Installing a Cat Flap into Glass and UPVC Doors

Installing a cat flap often makes life easier. These handy openings allow your cat, or dog, the freedom to come and go as they like. It means you don’t...
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ABUS black padlock

Exploring the Different Types of Padlock

There is a host of padlocks on the market and it can be difficult to know which one to choose. Sometimes an insurance company might require a certain type...
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Patio Door Security ERA door security bolt with key

Have You Thought About Your Patio Door Security Locks?

The aesthetics, ease of access to a garden and the natural light they let into a house, make patio and French doors a popular choice. But these are often...
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