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About DG Supplyline Ltd

DG Supplyline Ltd was established in 1999 as a subsidiary company of DG Servicing, a market leader in the double glazing repair and door maintenance industry. The company was founded in 1983 by Peter Guiver, whose vision and determination has taken the company right to the top of the industry. Specialising in undertaking the specialist repair of almost any type of door or window system, from a component part replacement to a complete frame repair. Having extensive knowledge in the business they began building up stocks of spare parts, especially unusual and hard to source commercial parts.

By using the knowledge & expertise gained through DG Servicing, DG Supplyline first started, by supplying specialised hardware to a national network of fitters, repairers, maintenance companies, locksmiths and other industry related companies.

Over 40 Years in the Double Glazing Industry

In 2023 the DG Group celebrated 40 years in the double glazing industry. We are constantly searching out new and innovative products to aid and assist other businesses within the double glazing repair industry. We employ a large team of staff, many of which are original DG Servicing staff members. This combined knowledge and familiarity of component parts for hundreds of current and obsolete systems means our service to the customer is second to none.

How much time have you wasted, trying to identify or locate a component part for a double glazed window or door? Not any more, see for yourself! The next time you’re looking for spares or repair parts then give us a call, email us or even go online for a live chat (when we are available).

DG Supplyline is a part of the DG Group of companies. Visit the DG Group Essex website to find out more.

VAT Registration No: 752 4080 47
Registered In England No: 3970957