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Greenfenster - A National Network Dedicated to the Longevity of Doors and Windows

Introducing GreenFenster

The New National Professional Repair and Installation Network That Delivers Jobs to Your Door

The GreenFenster Network is a national network of experts dedicated to the longevity of doors and windows. It’s powered by DGS, who have over 40 years’ experience repairing, maintaining, and improving all types of door and window systems. Replacing them too – but only when necessary.

Rather than a ‘rip out and replace’ approach, our speciality is prolonging the life of doors and windows by maintaining and upgrading them using the best quality products and the most up to date technology.

GreenFenster brings together installation opportunities and training support.

GreenFenster brings together install opportunities and training

to help your skills and business grow


A Look at Membership Benefits

When you join our network, we will list you as an approved and preferred GFNM (GreenFenster Network Member). When you go to an install, you’ll get opportunities to upsell products and additional works.

You get exclusive discounts, promotions, and special offers through the DGS website and on specialist tools and equipment, as well as the opportunity to become a regional stockist and installation coordinator.

Being part of the GreenFenster network means you can also benefit from installations supplied by customers buying from the DG Supplyline website.
So if someone gets in touch with us at DGS, adds a service to their cart, we can connect with you and then deliver work. The network will be across the country, so joining us will be an opportunity for you as a trader to get a head start in your area. And it’s incredibly easy to join.

Member Benefits:

• We’ll pass pre-qualified confirmed installations (dependent on your skill set)
• List you as an approved and preferred GFNM (GreenFenster network member)
• Give you the opportunity to upsell products and further works
• Give you extensive support on product and installation guides
• Exclusive GFNM additional discounts and special offers through the DGS website
• Deals and promotions on specialist tools and equipment
• Commission style cash back deal on additional product/works sold to clients
• Opportunity to become a regional stockist and installation coordinator

GreenFenster and Smart Tech. The New Q-Smart Door Handle

Today, there’s an exclusive opportunity for GreenFenster Network members to become installers for the Q-Smart door handle. It’s a smart-access system that uses Bluetooth technology and doesn’t rely on traditional keys.

To validate the warranty, the Q-smart handle must be installed by qualified technicians. By joining the GreenFenster network you can be registered as a Q-Smart installer in your area. You’ll get trained in the installation of the handle and we’ll pass on any jobs in your area.

How it Works

The door handle offers three main ways of access. The most popular way of unlocking is the fingerprint entry system. The door handle itself is the same size as a regular door handle so doesn’t look out of place on any door (which fits in line with our dedication to maintaining the longevity of doors without replacing everything entirely).

For fingerprint unlocking, you simply lift up a small hinged cover and place your finger on the reader and the door will unlock. The reader holds 50 fingerprints, so large families won’t need to fight over access. The corrosion resistant fingerprint reader works all year round in both extreme cold and heatwaves.

The second way of access is using the proximity fobs. Two are included with the smart handle but more fobs can be purchased. Fobs can be activated and deactivated (for peace of mind if lost) using the mobile app.

The third and final way of access is via the mobile app. The app can act as a key for you or for permanent or temporary access to anyone you choose (they just need to have the app too). The app uses Blusafe Bluetooth technology and can log who has entered your home and when.

You can read more about the Q-Smart door handle here.

Q-Smart door handle fitted to door


A Network for the Future

We see GreenFenster as a big opportunity for networking and training and we are looking for professionals that share our same ethos, so for example, taking pride on a clean, friendly, and competent service and treating a customer’s home as your own.

We offer competitive installation fees and that means the possibility of additional work for you. This could range from offering door re-alignment, hinge adjustment, plus replacement to matching hardware such as letterboxes, door knockers and numerals, to other areas of the property, such as upgrading locks, handles and hinges.

Guaranteed Jobs for your Business

GreenFenster pairs up installation jobs with network partners – according to their skills and proximity to the site address.

And when a DGS customer buys a product and adds the ‘installation service’ option, the sale of the product will automatically be transferred to the GreenFenster network to assign a local registered installer to carry out the installation.

The component parts for the order will then be shipped to your address and you will then contact the client to arrange a convenient time for the installation to take place.

This type of installation is a guaranteed qualified job, you’re not just going to perform a survey and then provide a competitive quote for the possibility to win the job, you already have it. Not only do you have this job, but once this job has been completed to the client’s satisfaction, there is the opportunity of more work from the client.

Training Opportunities

As part of the network, you can get access to training courses and tutorials for installing many types of door and window hardware, such as:

• Friction stays and window hinges
• Replacement window handles
• Window Espag locking systems
• Window Shootbolt Locking Systems
• Door and Window Restrictors
• Sash window locks
• Spiral Balance replacement/conversions
• Corded pretensioned balances
• Tilt & Turn Window repairs / re-gears
• Multipoint lock replacement
• Overnight single point locking systems
• Toe & Heel
• Door Hinge Adjustment and Replacement
• Door handle replacement
• Cylinder removal and replacement
• Letterbox installation
• Sliding Door locks
• Bi-Folding Door locking and running systems
• Sliding door Rollers and track replacement
• Additional Security products
• Tilt & Slide locking and running replacements and re-gears
• Lift & Slide runners and Track replacements
• Lift & Slide locking systems
• Commercial Transom Closers
• Weather seal replacement
• Teleflex winding Gear repairs and installations
• Electronic multipoint lock repairs
• Motor replacement and programming

Join the Network Today

With access to training, new jobs and exclusive discounted tools and equipment GreenFenster can be a great partner for your business. There are also opportunities for stocking and selling DG Supplyline’s equipment or co-ordinating installations for the network.

We believe that this network will be a boost to the double-glazing repair, maintenance and installation industries.

So please consider joining us and enjoying the many benefits of becoming a valued member with our easy sign-up process.