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Q-Smart Origin handle with fingerprint recognition

Introducing The Q-Smart Door Handle

Remember That Nasty Feeling When You Lost Your Door Keys?

Everyone has done it. So, you probably know that shock feeling when you realise your front door key has gone missing? Or one of the kids has lost it on the way home from school?

It’s a real heart in the mouth moment.

You feel just a bit unsafe, almost like sitting up all night to make sure no strangers come through the door while you’re asleep. Who’s found them? What will they do?

Then for your own peace of mind you change all the locks. And that means getting more keys cut – which is fine, until it happens again.


No More Keys to Lose

When you have the Q-Smart door handle installed you won’t get that heart in the mouth feeling again. Why? Because the battery powered Q-Smart door handle from greenteQ doesn’t use keys. And you can’t lose a fingerprint. And it’s exclusive to DG Supplyline.

But fingerprints are just one way the Q-Smart door handle gives you access. It offers three main ways of access:


  • Proximity key fob
  • Fingerprint
  • Bluetooth access through the mobile app

Qsmart handle mobile app

Bluetooth App Safe Entry

And it’s this last one that’s the biggest benefit of this smart tech door handle. Using Blusafe Bluetooth technology (certified to ETSI TS103 645) the app not only acts as a ‘key’ but it allows you to grant permanent or temporary access to anyone you choose.

They just need to download the app. It’s perfect if you need to give someone access while you’re away.

And when your teenager loses their proximity fob?

You just disable that one through the app. Access is denied instantly and you won’t be worrying about who can get in.

The app also doubles as a log of who’s entered your home and when. It’s available on both IOS and Android operating systems.

Qsmart handle finger print

Fingerprint Entry System

Fingerprint is the most popular way of unlocking the door handle.

With the Q-Smart fingerprint entry sits on the external plate of the door handle. It’s hidden by a hinged cover. But the Q-Smart door handle is still the same size as a regular door handle and won’t look out of place on any door. It comes in black or polished chrome and is around 60% the size of other smart entry systems.

Just lift the hinge, place your finger on the reader and the door unlocks. The reader holds 50 fingerprints so it’s really useful for larger families and eliminates the need for loads of proximity fobs.

The reader operates from -30 degrees to +50 degrees, so works all year round. (The handle is corrosion resistant too.)

Qsmart handle key fob

Two Proximity Fobs Included

The smart handle also comes with two fobs, and you can purchase more. Fobs can be activated and deactivated through the app. It takes less than 30 seconds to add a new fob and deactivating an existing fob is instant.


Locking and Unlocking the Q-Smart Door Handle

When you lock and unlock the door, by lifting the handle, you’ll hear a distinct announcement that says either ‘locked’ or ‘unlocked’. If you walk off and forget to lock the handle you’ll hear three distinct beeps, to alert you. A thumb turn knob gives you a safe exit and easy unlocking from inside the house.

The handle also gives you an audible vocal alert when the batteries are running low.


Powering the Q-Smart Door Handle

The Q-Smart handle is powered by four AA alkaline batteries, which will last between six and nine months, depending on the amount of usage. And you’ll get a warning when there is around four weeks of power left. That’s plenty of time to replace the batteries.

But if the batteries should run out of power, the handle comes with a power pack and micro USB that can be attached to the handle to give it a boost of power. It’ll give you enough power to open the door with a fingerprint, fob or mobile app. You can then replace the batteries.

Other than the possibility of using the micro USB, there are no wires needed to operate the Q-Smart door handle and it needs no mains electricity connection.


Installing the Q-Smart Door Handle

To ensure the warranty is valid you should only get the Q-Smart handle installed by a registered installer.

But the handle itself can be fitted to any 92pz door lock. It fits timber, composite, aluminium or PVC doors that are between 44mm and 70mm thick. And the installer won’t need to drill any new holes.

It’s an easy swap out for your existing handle.

Q-Smart is built to last and has an operation lifetime in excess of 1 million open and close cycles. It’s fully tested at BSI and certified to ETSI TS103 645 (CYBER; Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things).


And Introducing The Greenfenster Network of Qualified Q-Smart Installers

Getting your new handle installed professionally is important… and easy. Powered by DG Supplyline, Greenfenster is a network of professionally trained technicians specially qualified to install the Q-Smart door handle.

And as well as smart products, the Greenfenster network technicians are specialists in a range of double-glazing fitting and repairs too. If you need a door or window fitting service get in touch through the link and we’ll put a professional in touch with you.

Q-Smart door handle fitted to door

Now, Add It to Your Smart Home

You might already have your heating, your music, your lighting operating with smart technology. So the Q-Smart handle is the next step in smart technology at home. It’s one of the more useful and beneficial smart technologies.

Just leave the house and you’ll never have to worry about finding or losing your keys again. The kids won’t have keys to lose. Or if you run a holiday let, what better way is there to give people access when they need it and without you having to leave a key under a mat or with a neighbour?

If you think a Q-Smart door handle could change the way you access your home, get in touch with DG Supplyline.

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