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Peeling PVC foil on a window frame

Can Peeling PVC Foil on Windows Be Repaired?

PVC foil is a quick way to change the appearance of a window. In a relatively short time, a plain PVC window frame can be wrapped in a foil and totally transformed. But peeling foil on window frames can also be repaired if yours is showing signs of damage.

While foil coatings are hugely durable everything has a shelf life. And windows are exposed to a year-round assault of sun, wind, rain and the cold, so it’s very possible with older windows that you’ll need to fix the foil at some point.


What is a PVC Foil?

A foil is a thin layer of a laminate-like PVC coating that is applied to the outer frame of windows and can be used to transform the appearance of windows. Much like a laminate on a floor, it can match the appearance and colour of a woodgrain to transform plain white windows to suit the character of a house or property.

In many cases what appears to be a woodgrain on a window is actually a layer of PVC foil.

Foil can also be smooth and comes in a choice of colours. For example, smooth grey is hugely popular, thanks to its contemporary look and feel.

A large number of natural wood grain types can be copied too, giving you huge amounts of choice for a finish.


Why Have a Foil?

Imagine you have just moved into a new house. Your windows are good, but the frames themselves are looking a bit tired. Replacing the frames is expensive and results in major building work.

Thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, it’s very hard to tell a foil finish from real wood and with the right care will last for decades.

Unfortunately, after decades of exposure to the elements, your window foil might need replacing.  But it’s not going to be as expensive as replacing an entire window frame.

A three-bedroom house might only take a day to apply a new foil coating. You get a stunning finish, protection against weather and depending on how much is required, foiling can cost a tenth of the price of replacing the window frames.


Close up image of peeling pvc foil on a window frame


Applying a PVC Foil

A foil is applied through a heat-bonding process that fixes it to the surface of the window frame, creating a powerful binding that lasts for up to a decade.

You can use something like this Window Doctor Repair Kit for smaller scratches and dents. But if the windows are decades old and the foil is peeling it’s time for professional assistance.


Choosing from a Range of RAL Colours

One of the advantages of having a foil wrap is the choice of colours. A PVC foil can quickly transform the look of a house without having to buy all new windows.

The industry standard is the RAL colour range. RAL is a European-wide colour matching system for among other things double glazing products. At the time of writing this there are 2,530 RAL colours. However, most foil specialists or frame sprayers will have a much smaller selection of colours. Obviously if the window foil is being repaired the technician will match the existing colours.

Some Other Advantages of PVC Foil

Because foil is designed to replicate the woodgrain it’s commonly found in conservation areas where the external appearance of the house and windows might be decided by legislation.

And that also means if you want a more traditional or rustic effect for your home, choosing foil and more traditional style door and window fittings can create that effect for you.

Foil is also easy to clean (you can use mild household cleaning detergents).


Final Thoughts

Having PVC foil placed on your window frames can quickly alter the appearance of your frames. And with the proper care will last for decades.

If your foil has become damaged, the good news is that it can be repaired. A professional technician can replace damaged foil quickly, with a minimum of disruption.

If you need advice on your PVC foil get in touch with us. Technicians from the DGS powered Green Fenster network can assess the damage and arrange to have your foil repaired fast.