Type K Spiral Balances

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A pair of Type K Spiral Balances to suit sash weight range between 15lbs-110lbs. These spiral balances are supplied in pairs and are available in various lengths from 8″-70″. The 19mm diameter tube comes in a white finish as standard — black, brown, grey or tan tubes are available by special request. Use the Get in touch tab to enable us to deal with your request more easily.

Type K Spiral Balances Specifications

  • Sash weight range between 15lbs-110 lbs (6.8kg-49.9kg)
  • Ø19mm tube
  • Tube lengths range from 8″-70″
  • White tubes as standard
  • Supplied in pairs

Suitable Pivot Shoes for use with the tilt type balances can be found here and here.

About Ordering Spiral Balances

We require the following information with your spiral balance order;

  • Tube length
  • Standard or tilt attachment
  • Weight stamp or sash weight

To make it easier for us to complete your order, please fill in the Sliding Balance ID Form hosted on our Greenfenster network website.

Alternatively, download and print the Spiral Balance Order Sheet below. Then return by email or fax.

Additional information

Weight 2.000 kg



F & K Balance Adjustment Instructions

Balances sashes and adjusting balances

Try the sashes up and down TO THE LIMIT OF THEIR TRAVEL. If there is a tendency for either sash to drop when in the up position, adjust the balances as follows:

Disconnect balance foot attachment from pivot shoe (or kit), a screwdriver can now be inserted in the slot in the ratchet fitting at the bottom of the balance (see Fig. 24). Adjust by turning the ratchet in an anti-clockwise direction as viewed from underside (see Fig. 24). Two ‘clicks’ of the ratchet equal one complete turn. Ensure that the same number of turns are applied to each balance pair.

Two turns maximum would be required ONLY if necessary and sash is not holding correctly. Please make sure you only turn in an anti-clockwise direction. When the balance is tensioning you will hear it click on every turn. Do not over tension otherwise it will break the spring. Weight guidance is printed on text of tube.

Diagram showing the correct screwdriver turning direction


Don’t use balances on sashes beyond their respective weight.
Don’t tension balances more than necessary.
Don’t tension balances before glazing.
Do keep the foot attachment tight into the sash and make sure that the covers of the fitting.
Do not rub the jamb when the sash is moved.
Do fit correct travel stops.

NB: Image for illustration only, foot attachment can differ on installation.


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