HAUTAU Alu-HKS 180 ZL Replacement Gearing

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HAUTAU Alu-HKS 180 ZL Replacement Gearing

Hautau Alu-HKS 200 Z tilt & slide door parts, ideally suited to replace broken or missing parts from the obsolete Alu-HKS 180 ZL system.
This page shows perimeter gearing for around the door, running gear such as replacement bogey sets and covers are available (page coming soon).

You can identify which system you have by checking for the serial codes on either the bottom running bogies (the HKS 180 ZL bogies would have B661.3001 / B661.2001 / B661.3002 / B661.2002 stamped on them), or you can use the codes printed on the top stay arms – see Red section below.

Select required replacement parts from ‘options’ menu.


Stay Arm Set
Left or right handed. Current markings are GOR 229758 / OR 229764 or GOL 229755 / OL 229761
Original 180 ZL markings would be GOR 202039 / OR 202045 or GOL 202042 / OL 202048


Bottom Snap Rod / Striker Set
We supply these as a set because the new snap rods require new frame strikers to engage with.
2 striker size options available depending on frame groove width:
V.01 = 12-14mm
V.02 = 9.7-11.5mm
HAUTAU Alu-HKS 180 ZL technical drawing


Optional Drive Gears
Page to follow soon.


Top Gliding Blocks
Old (180 ZL) and New (200 ZL) versions available.
The new stay arms will connect to old gliders, you will only need the newer 200 ZL gliders if changing the top running rail or if replacing any broken 200 ZL gliders.


Connector Rod
Connecting piece with one locking cam.


Centre Drive Connector
For larger style handles with fork. The new connectors require the newer 203 AG handles, they will not work with the older 201AG/AGS handles.


Bottom Corner Drive
These corners remain the same across both 180ZL & 200ZL ranges.


Top Corner Drive
These corners remain the same across both 180ZL & 200ZL ranges.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg



Stay Arm Set Left (RED), Stay Arm Set Right (RED), Bottom Snap Rod / Striker Set V.01 (YELLOW), Bottom Snap Rod / Striker Set V.02 (YELLOW), Top Gliding Block 180 Single (DARK PURPLE), Top Gliding Blocks 200 Pair (PURPLE), Connector Rod (ORANGE), Top Corner Drive (GREEN), Bottom Corner Drive (BLUE), Centre Drive Connector (PINK)


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