HAPS P80 / P100 Flag Hinge

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HAPS P80/P100 flag hinges.


  • 3D adjustment when door is mounted
  • Suits 16-18.5mm frame upstands
  • 85mm & 100mm sash options
  • Increased burglary resistance (door hinge cannot be removed when the door is closed)
  • Sash part with clip on cover cap
  • CE grade 12 (100kg)
  • Corrosion resistant according to EN 1670
  • Corrosion resistant axis pin
  • Only 1 drill (4mm) required


  • Horizontal adjustment: ±5mm
  • Height adjustment: +4mm / -1mm
  • Gasket pressure adjustment: -1mm / +1.5mm

Additional information

Weight 2 kg



P80 (sash 85mm), P100 (sash 100mm)


2-Part, 3D, Adjustable, Flag


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What is the frame upstand size?

The frame upstand, or profile upstand size is the height of the ‘step’ between the frame edge and the sash edge that a flag hinge needs to clear in order to fit correctly.
As most flag hinges are adjustable they can be adjusted from a minimum to a maximum upstand size, commonly around 15 mm to 23 mm.

Check that the hinge you are purchasing is suitable for the frame upstand of your door.

Frame Upstand (or Profile Upstand) size

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