Granit Plus 125/150C Hasp & Staple

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Granit Plus 125/150C Hasp & Staple will accept shackles up to 14mm thick so will be suitable for our largest Granit Plus locks. Not that a common requirement is a padlock and hasp that meets a CEN grade. Hasps cannot meet this grade since the standard includes tests such as pin number, shackle etc. As such we can only make equivalent suggestions.

Granit Plus 125/150C Hasp & Staple Features


• Heavy steel hasps in compliance with Swedish Insurance Class 2<
• Suitable for doors closing flush, i.e. door leaf and door frame are level


• Ideal for use with a Granit Plus padlock


• Extra-strong joint
• Hardened staple
• With anchor plate and accessories
• Extremely corrosion-proof
• Concealed screws

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Weight2.000 kg


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