ERADICATOR – Magic Sponge Eraser

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The Eradicator magic sponge eraser can remove marks, stains and dirt previously found immovable. This industrial strength sponge contains microscopic melamine fibres that can remove marks. There is no need for additional cleaning substance or harsh chemicals — literally works with water only! The sponge is a 100% chemical free cleaning solution and totally environmentally friendly.

The Eradicator can be used on many surfaces including UPVC door frames, UPVC window frames, glass windows, laminate flooring & ceramics. If you are not sure if the sponge will scratch your surface, try and test the sponge on an inconspicuous area first (or give us a quick call and we tell you over the phone).

Sold in packs of 4.

Please note, the Eradicator sponge is not suitable for use on painted or lacquered surfaces, such as vehicle bodywork, as this special sponge could damage the surface.

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