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AGB Scudo DCK Euro cylinder. A high-security cylinder with manufacturer-controlled key duplication.


  • 5 high-resistance keys & security pin code included
  • Extra keys are only available direct from AGB via dealers (such as DG Supplyline)

Additional information

Weight 2.000 kg

A = 30mm / B = 30mm, A = 30mm / B = 70mm, A = 35mm / B = 35mm, A = 35mm / B = 45mm, A = 35mm / B = 55mm, A = 40mm / B = 45mm, A = 40mm / B = 50mm, A = 40mm / B = 55mm, A = 40mm / B = 60mm, A = 45mm / B = 45mm, A = 45mm / B = 50mm, A = 45mm / B = 55mm




Euro Cylinders, Keys


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How do I know which Euro cylinder size I need?

You will need to measure the cylinder in order to get the correct size.

To remove an existing cylinder you must remove the fixing screw which goes through the middle of it (you can get to the screw at the edge of the door), then put the keys in and turn them slightly. You should then be able to slide the cylinder out of the door.

Then measure sizes ‘A’ and ‘B’ as shown in the diagram.

How to measure a cylinder lock diagram

The A & B sizes will tell you which size cylinder you need. For example, if A = 45 mm and B = 50 mm you need a 45/50 size cylinder.

Please note that the cylinder should not project more than 3 mm from the face of the escutcheon or handle backplate.

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