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We do like to live beside the seaside

Is your door furniture suffering because of location, location, location?

DG Supplyline is now supplying and installing door furniture guaranteed to suit the harshest environmental conditions for up to 25 years.

Living by the sea has so many health benefits but unfortunately not for our bricks and mortar and, after a while, the external aspects of our properties will and do suffer. There are not many areas around the UK unexposed to some sort of harsh environment compared to another and completely free of pollution or a corrosive atmosphere, such as properties along the coast, properties exposed to heavy traffic in City Centres or even, those on the outskirts.

Homes along the coast particularly with a sea view are extremely desirable, but are expensive and homeowners who have invested not just money but their heart in renovating their homes, and installing smart new doors and furniture, want them to last. DG Supplyline now supply as part of our Q-Line range stainless steel door furniture.

Every day zinc door furniture is liable to pit, as it is not designed to withstand moist, salty air. Similarly it isn’t just those properties by the sea that are at risk. It’s also those that are some distance from the coast. It has been proven that houses as far as 84 miles from the sea, can be affected as its all dependent upon sea air and the way in which the wind blows!

Sea air and pollutants can and will damage door furniture and before you know it, your new door furniture could look weather worn in a very short time frame; perhaps even before you have completely finished your renovations thus making it more expensive in the long term replacing fairly new accessories.

Door furniture resistant to erosion
DG Supplyline’s Q-Line range of door furniture is made from hard-wearing, corrosion-resistant stainless steel and has been subjected to rigorous spray testing to ensure it is well able to withstand most environments. These products suit all door styles and materials from stainless steel to the traditional wooden, Victorian door – from composite to aluminium to timber. With a choice of brushed or a polished finish, PVD gold and chrome, with hinges to complement and give that overall impressive finish. It’s all in the detail.

Don’t let living by the sea spoil your vision for your home!

Get in touch with DG Supplyline and enquire about our range of Door Furniture guaranteed to withstand the most harshest of conditions.