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Don’t forget the fixings

Remembering to get the correct fixing screws is one of the most vital, yet often overlooked aspects to many online orders.

It’s fairly uncommon for manufacturers to include the relevant screws or fixings with their products (particularly door locks, window locks, friction stay hinges and window handles). This results in many customers having to come back to us after receiving their orders, because they are lacking the appropriate fixings.

To help make the ordering process easier we have assembled a comprehensive range of screws, rivets and bolts to meet the vast majority of fixing requirements for all the products we sell, and also for other related jobs.

These screws are available in box quantities but for those smaller jobs we also stock them in handy bags with just the right amount of each type for the job.

Some of the main fixing types we offer are:

different types of screw

In addition to these main types we also supply a range of aluminium self-tapping screws, grub screws, rivets and male/female bolts.

In need of a selection of screws to keep in stock, ready for any job that might come along?
Why not get hold of a screw kit to keep in the shed or on the van?

packets of screws on a display stand

Also, speak to us in regards to our bundle deals on these bagged fixings. We offer discounted deals when you buy the whole range in quantities of 3, 5 or 10 bags of every type. Ideal for your trade counter!