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FEIN multi-tool double glazing repairs

A Quick Guide to Double Glazing Repairs and Upkeep

Those nagging double glazing repairs… yes, you’ve been meaning to get round to them, but where did the last 6 months go?

Double glazing keeps you toasty but over time comes with a wide range of potential irritations. It could be a handle or a lock that’s gone bad. Or perhaps a mechanism has deteriorated. Broken seals, cracked panes and foggy glass are also common complaints.

Don’t worry. Often the problem can be fixed. And in many cases even foggy panes can be remedied without the need to replace the whole frame.


Double Glazing Repairs – Some Common Problems

You might visibly see that your double glazing is broken. For example, the seals might have rotted, there may be condensation between panes and even water ingress. Other signs that your glazing needs attention include feeling draughts, or you may hear a ghostlike whistle during strong winds.


Hard to Open Windows and Stiff Mechanisms

Perhaps the most frequent problem with double glazed windows and doors is a unit becoming difficult to open over time.

It could be the weather, it could be a fault with the hinge or even a window that has sagged or dropped during the course of its lifetime.

And before you go in search of a double glazing repairs company you could try a few things.


  • If the window or door is stiff and hard to open, give the lock or handle or any other mechanical part that connects or slides with another some love. A little oil can go a long way.
  • When open, door and window mechanisms can get debris and dirt inside. Giving it all a clean and an oil can help. But plastic moving parts are often self-lubricating so don’t oil these.
  • Try tightening a screw to help a troubled hinge or handle. It might make all the difference.
  • Check for swelling if a window frame is tight or sticks when you’re trying to open it.

If oiling doesn’t work and a mechanism or a hinge needs replacing, you should definitely contact a professional fitter (if you need help fitting a part you can get in touch with a technician at DG Supplyline).


Replacing a Handle or Lock

You can fix a handle easily. But it’s getting the right handle for your door or window repair and making the right measurements that are important. Then it’s just a matter of a few screws.

Similarly, if you need to replace a lock for a window door repair remember to measure, measure and measure again. If you’re replacing a multipoint door lock you’ll find the crucial measurements at the bottom of the page in the link above. You shouldn’t need to change the entire frame.

If your window and door is under warranty be careful that fixing it yourself doesn’t void the warranty.


Cracked or Broken Glass Panes

Cracked or broken panes of glass is a pretty good indication that you’ve got an issue with your window. You’ll need a professional glazier for this. Many local glazing repairs are often quick and efficient, so you won’t need to leave town for a weekend to get a simple pane replaced.

And if any of your double glazed windows are foggy these can be corrected without replacing the entire glass unit.


Double Glazing Repairs for Misty or Fogged Windows

Condensation on the outside of the window is just the window doing its job. When you get condensation on the inside of a window this is usually down to a ventilation problem. A fix could be as simple as a trickle vent to allow fresh air to circulate, to installing a dehumidifier and air bricks.

Condensation between the panes is often a sign that the seals have broken down. Some professional companies specialise in repairing misted windows. This can be done by drilling a hole and drawing out the moisture, or replacing the entire glass pane. The seals can also be replaced. However, some seals are built into the frame but it is still possible to change the glass without changing the whole frame.

In this circumstance, what can be done depends on the type of window you have. But a foggy window doesn’t mean replacing the entire window frame.


Maintaining Your Double Glazing

Keeping your windows in top shape is always a good idea. Here are a few tips to keep your windows and doors opening for years to come. The moving parts don’t require huge levels of service, but will need the odd bit of attention.

  • Vacuum rails and tracks to remove debris
  • Wash the frames with warm soapy water
  • Keep condensation at bay (doing this stops mould and possible damage to the seals)
  • Keep timber protected and weatherproof
  • Metal parts don’t require regular maintenance but do need the occasional bit of maintenance. Use a light machine oil (not WD40 or grease) to lubricate locks, hinges and other moving parts. Plastic moving parts are self-lubricating so don’t oil these.

Final Thoughts

When windows and doors go bad it can be irritating. It’s not the end of the world but a door that’s stiff, or a window that won’t shut properly can be seriously annoying (and potentially risk your insurance).

Double glazing repairs are often easier than you might think. The most important thing is identifying the right part and getting the measurements right. More complex issues might require a professional fitter, but in many cases you won’t need to replace the entire window or door. So, it’s a double-glazed thumbs up.