Front Door Accessories For Added Curb Appeal

If you’re thinking of selling your property, Spring is generally considered the best time of the year to put your home on the market. The inside of your property might have been tastefully decorated throughout, but what about the front of the property? A good first step is to add some good quality front door accessories to give your home some extra curb appeal. The property market is a competitive market, therefore it’s important that you give the first good impression to your potential buyer.

Front door accessories on a red front door

Here are some things you can do to improve the appearance of your property.

A polished metal letterplate can give a dark coloured door some added features. When combined with other front door accessories such as a metal door number and a brass knocker, can give your front door a tasteful final touch.

Door Knocker
A door should have a balanced look, and this is easily achieved, simply by fitting a door knocker to your front door. A traditional knocker gives your door a classic look.

House Letters & Door Numbers
Make sure you add these in a contrasting colour to your door to make sure they can be seen easily, especially if your door is located away from the road. Screw fixed door numbers are better than cheap plastic stick on versions that can fall off over time.

New Door
If your door is in such a bad state of repair, maybe the time has come to purchase  a new door entirely. There are so many to choose from – be sure to check out the new Dawes & Green website, who have a wide selection of contemporary doors and traditional doors.

Tidy Up The Garden
Put black bin bags in rubbish bins and keep the entrance area clear and tidy. If you have to, take rubbish bags to the dump yourself.

Flower Basket
Nothing is more inviting to a property than flowers. They are inexpensive, and are available nearly everywhere from garden centres, supermarkets, even grocery stores sell them at certain times of the year. Place plants and flowers in good quality planters and pots to give your home a welcoming appearance.

You can check out our selection of door furniture at the DG Supplyline website.

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