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Explanation of a Window Shootbolt Gearbox

Window Shootbolt Gearbox Systems usually have a separate gearbox part in the middle of the window which then connects to and drives shootbolts vertically into the top and bottom of the window frame (drives horizontally on fanlight windows).

These sometimes have concealed shootbolt rods, or rods that travel along the edge of the window.

There are many types of shootbolt gearbox available, these normally consist of some type of central gearbox which attaches to extension bars or rods which have shootbolts at each end. The extensions can also sometimes have additional locking cams along the edge to increase security and aid seal compression. Extension rods can either be connected from the front and travel along the edge of the window, or they can be some type of concealed rod which travels along the inside of the window.

Shootbolt systems

Rods are sold in regards to the sash length, so if you are replacing rods you need to know the overall length of the window they are fitted to, rather than individual rod lengths themselves.

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