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Cylinder Locks - Euro Cylinders & Oval Cylinders

Thieves can gain entry to your property in many ways. A way of minimising a forced entry in to your property is by having a good quality cylinder lock fitted to your door. Our selection of cylinder locks will add extra security to your door. The reason for this, is that many door cylinders have security features to prevent against attack, such as lock snapping, lock picking, lock bumping and lock drilling. We supply many of the most recognised brands of cylinder lock including AGB, Cisa, ERA, Fullex, Mila & Winkhaus.

Cylinder Locks Explained

Illustration of a Euro Cylinder and Oval Cylinder LockA door cylinder (also know as cylinder barrel lock), is a piece of door hardware that fits into a door lock, needed to operate the deadlocking mechanism inside the door. There are many various types of cylinder lock but the most common types are Euro cylinder locks and Oval cylinder locks.

Each door cylinder has a certain number of security ‘Pins’. You can tell how many pins a cylinder has by looking at the dots at the bottom edge (as shown in the example photograph below).

Our door cylinders have a minimum of 6-pins — it stands to reason that the higher the quality of the cylinder, the better your security. There has been a lot of discussion and media attention in recent years in regards to the vulnerabilities of low quality cylinders. Thieves have developed many different methods to bypass a cylinder and the need for higher-quality, anti-thief cylinders increases all the time.

A cylinder lock with the pins highlighted in greenCylinders which are reinforced and are designed to withstand bumping, picking, snapping and other methods of forced entry, will protect your property far more successfully than a standard entry-level cylinder.

Some cylinders are also ‘duplication protected’, meaning that any copies of keys can only be made with the proper authorisation from registered dealers.

The security of your door cylinder can be increased further by fitting a metal cylinder guard to make a forced entry more difficult.

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